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Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hello world. Before I start, thank you Nathan for setting this bloggy thing up for me. I will hopefully be posting lots of comments/general moans on my training of my Comic Relief Challenge. I am swimming 22 miles, about the length of the English Channel, in my local swimming pool for the 'comic releif' of others (especially my friends) No, seriously, Comic Relief is a really worthwhile cause for my suffering however I do not intend to drown for my efforts so I am training every Tuesday while being coached by a PE teacher at my school.
So far I have been training for 2 months, and I have not yet drowned, however when the lengths seem endless with my coach telling me 'to get a move on', then drowning appears to be the easy option, it would probably be less painful too!
So, that's my first bloggy thing over and done with, I hope you can support me and maybe even sponsor me, but right now, I just want people to spread the word, thank you :)

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  1. hello i hope you have fun with the training and everything up to the event we all support you :)