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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

That first step

My second blog. How time flies...Today was the day I did the first of four house assemblies in my school, it was in front of my own house, Gandhi, and I must admit, I was not looking forward to the experience.
It was destined to be a disaster as 24 hours before I was informed I could not use the presentation I had prepared as the projector was being used elsewhere; this sent me into a flat spin as I had to start from scratch. So I did.
With a few last minute notes scribbled down in maths (triangles were not a very interesting subject Mr.Farr!) I was a nervous wreck, but at least I had some notes now. When I began I was shaking, however as I told my story the people I was talking to quietened down, I was suprised as I was not booed off, no. instead I got a massive round of applause.
But perhaps the best thing about this was the immediate support I began to recieve. People respected what I was doing, and one person said they were inspired.
So despite my aching limbs, I am still smiling as now I have people to encourage me!

If you want to see the story that inspired me, click on the link below. Thank you all

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