Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Difficult? That's an understatement

With all my exams, being part of Grease (for those that know Grease, I'm playing Eugene as a boy) and just generally revising, this swimming challenge is big to say the least. Just the other day I told another person about my challenge and they said "oh, that sounds difficult" "Difficult?!" I replied in utter disbelief "Difficult is not anything like this challenge!"
You see, as an individual I am not very sporty, the only sport I really did well in was archery. I gave that up after 3 years. I am ashamed to admit that currently in training I can do about 5 lengths before having to stop and take a breath; this statistic is disgraceful. I will never complete this challenge with such a poor statistic.
I will be going away soon, so you won't be updated for 2 weeks, however, there is a pool on holiday and you can rest assured I shall continue my training there, day in day out. It seems this challenge is going to follow me right until the final length in March 2013.
Any comments you can make would be appreciated as this challenge is a massive mountain and at the minute, it seems to be a great obstacle. Thank you again for bothering to read my blog, I shall update you in 2 weeks time

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Reply from my Hero!

Unfortunatly training wasn't on today however something far more exciting happened on Thursday last week!

About a month ago I sent a letter to David Walliams about my swimming challenge, and on Thursday I got a reply! It was so amazing to have him reply as he did a similar challenge a while ago, this is what he said:
'Wow! I am so glad I have inspired you, 22 miles is a very long way! Good luck love David x'

I know it's short but it was fabulous to get a reply, I've even saved the envelope. He really is an inspiration and I am overjoyed that he thought of me, even if it was just for a minute or two

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support, and thank you David Walliams for giving me a boost!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

That first step

My second blog. How time flies...Today was the day I did the first of four house assemblies in my school, it was in front of my own house, Gandhi, and I must admit, I was not looking forward to the experience.
It was destined to be a disaster as 24 hours before I was informed I could not use the presentation I had prepared as the projector was being used elsewhere; this sent me into a flat spin as I had to start from scratch. So I did.
With a few last minute notes scribbled down in maths (triangles were not a very interesting subject Mr.Farr!) I was a nervous wreck, but at least I had some notes now. When I began I was shaking, however as I told my story the people I was talking to quietened down, I was suprised as I was not booed off, no. instead I got a massive round of applause.
But perhaps the best thing about this was the immediate support I began to recieve. People respected what I was doing, and one person said they were inspired.
So despite my aching limbs, I am still smiling as now I have people to encourage me!

If you want to see the story that inspired me, click on the link below. Thank you all


Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hello world. Before I start, thank you Nathan for setting this bloggy thing up for me. I will hopefully be posting lots of comments/general moans on my training of my Comic Relief Challenge. I am swimming 22 miles, about the length of the English Channel, in my local swimming pool for the 'comic releif' of others (especially my friends) No, seriously, Comic Relief is a really worthwhile cause for my suffering however I do not intend to drown for my efforts so I am training every Tuesday while being coached by a PE teacher at my school.
So far I have been training for 2 months, and I have not yet drowned, however when the lengths seem endless with my coach telling me 'to get a move on', then drowning appears to be the easy option, it would probably be less painful too!
So, that's my first bloggy thing over and done with, I hope you can support me and maybe even sponsor me, but right now, I just want people to spread the word, thank you :)