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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Difficult? That's an understatement

With all my exams, being part of Grease (for those that know Grease, I'm playing Eugene as a boy) and just generally revising, this swimming challenge is big to say the least. Just the other day I told another person about my challenge and they said "oh, that sounds difficult" "Difficult?!" I replied in utter disbelief "Difficult is not anything like this challenge!"
You see, as an individual I am not very sporty, the only sport I really did well in was archery. I gave that up after 3 years. I am ashamed to admit that currently in training I can do about 5 lengths before having to stop and take a breath; this statistic is disgraceful. I will never complete this challenge with such a poor statistic.
I will be going away soon, so you won't be updated for 2 weeks, however, there is a pool on holiday and you can rest assured I shall continue my training there, day in day out. It seems this challenge is going to follow me right until the final length in March 2013.
Any comments you can make would be appreciated as this challenge is a massive mountain and at the minute, it seems to be a great obstacle. Thank you again for bothering to read my blog, I shall update you in 2 weeks time

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