Sunday, 7 October 2012

Swimming...but for Air Cadets?!

Once again, I cannot apologise enough to you wonderful people who are bored enough to search the web and find my tiny, quite irritating little blog and find I have not updated it for almost 2 weeks.
In case you have forgotten or are unaware, my challenge is taking over much of my life, and it seems, even in an organisation that was set up for flying, I must swim in it too. I swam for my Air Cadet squadron and won my backstroke race (but it was a close run thing) and then on Saturday I competed for Dorset and Wiltshire. Although I enjoyed meeting other cadets (ok, well some of them) I cannot help but feel disappointed. In my backstroke race I came 4th out of 6th, meaning I am definitely not eligible to swim for the South West, and then in the relay I fear I let my team down with my front crawl, I did quite well, but halfway through a length, something snapped in my leg. It was my knee in fact, and I think I pushed it a little too far, as when I got out of the pool, I had to limp a little to get back to the changing rooms. I would say I am glad that my knee is working perfectly well again, but I feel down that it didn't do well when I needed it too.
So, I am sorry Dorset and Wiltshire because my stupid knee cost our very capable relay team of a place in the regional competition, and although my fellow swimmers were kind, the injury has shaken me quite a bit.
Although this was a set back, think of how miserable I will be if my knee does the same in my actual challenge.
 I will have disappointed everyone as I am sure I did in that relay.

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  1. i hope the knee is ok and no you wont disappoint anyone because at least you care and your doing it for a reason and no matter what at least u will have fun :)