Saturday, 20 October 2012


I have had to cancel training this coming week as I will be doing a small amount of training for my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition on the 27th-28th. And oh my word am I going to suffer. As I said in my last post, I am an Air Cadet and with this organisation I will be undergoing my DofE with 4 other unlucky cadets who are stuck with me, probably the biggest moaner in the history of the universe, as proved by this blog.

I was not with the cadets when some of them did their practise, so some of them are doing their Qualifier, I am doing my practise. Now in their practise, they got lost. And I am talking lost with a capital 'L'. They had their bearings right, their fitness was (apparently) perfect but their observational skills appeared to have been lacking. They had to walk right past two massive radio masts. After 2 hours of extra walking, none had realised the masts were not present in their view. Another hour past and suddenly a light bulb moment caused them to stop and turn back "Radio masts!" and back off they went down the way they had just walked.

I am fairly observational (hopefully) and unlike them, I am glued to my watch (which all of them in their practise forgot to bring) however, my map reading skills are dire and with my feet being used to being flippers rather then feet, I doubt my walking skills are much better. Hence the change in plans, this week I shall not be Swimming for Comic Relief I shall be walking as the Comic Relief of the other Cadets. Hooray.

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