Monday, 17 September 2012

Inexcusably late...Sorry!

It's astonishing that even now people I see at school everyday are still not aware of my challenge, their reactions are even more amusing, "wow, that's amazing, I couldn't do that" well, actually, yes you could. But it's whether you would. Would you?

The training is non stop, the water appears to be like I have ended up in the Arctic each swim and the jogging, well, you only have to look at my earlier posts to know how I feel about jogging. I get a few words of support, and a few words such as "drown and I'll give you a fiver!" and I get lots of people doubting me, but actually I like doing it.

It makes up for all those times that I have walked past charity collectors and have spent the money I could have given, on myself. I was the person that looked at charities like Children in Need or Oxfam and just said "hasn't got anything to do with me" I am sorry.

I am sorry this is late, I am sorry I ignored charities before and I am sorry that I can't do more for charities. Because now I love doing this, and the question is, would you?

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