Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What do you think about?

I have decided after my whinge about assemblies on my last post, that I will be using  a power point, but it will only have a few pictures on it. However, it occurred to me yesterday, what exactly do you think about when swimming?

I mean it wouldn't usually bother me, but I am going to be swimming for a long time, will I be repeating the famous phrase from Finding Nemo 'Just keep swimming' or will I be imagining my coach/PE teacher being barbecued on a spit? I have no idea, I have not really swum for long enough for it to bother me, but now it is playing on my little mind.

I suppose I shall have to stop moaning now. I can't do a blog about moaning can I? Well, it's never stopped me in the past

March is so close! Too close!

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