Monday, 14 January 2013

New Year, New Scares

So it's 2013! Congratulations for not dying on December the 21st. Well I'm back to school, meaning back to training and unfortunately, back to jogging. Those of you who read my blog on jogging (thank you for doing so by the way) will know I did not enjoy it, however my coach has warned  that my fitness will not be good enough if I don't jog.

EVERY day.

Now I don't mind the odd amble, in fact, I think I can stretch to a walk. Heck, my torment in Duke of Edinburgh shows I can walk when I need to. However...Jogging? Everyday? I don't think so. I thought jogging was for those healthy people who don't actually need to lose weight but claim they do anyway. I thought it was for the fitness fanatics who were probably born with trainers on. But no. Apparently it's "a great way to keep your fitness up". Yes, it's also a great way to destroy both morale and my feet at the same time.

I know, I know. I have to do this. So I just have to get on with it. So please, spare a thought, people of the world, when it rains, or hails or snows or sleets in the United Kingdom, spare a thought for this mad swimmer person that writes that blog that people sometimes stumble over. I'll be jogging folks, in the rain, after school.

Every day.

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